8 Tips and Tricks to Keep Battery Life More of Android Phones

During the early days of Androids it was really difficult to reach at the end of a day with left battery life. That has improved with time but still sometimes find chore through busy days to run without battery ending. A frequent traveler particularly knows how important is to stretch his phone battery because travelling can take more power usage. In this situation, few handy tips can help you in long way through those days.

Some of the tips are just to use common sense but it is worth to mention it. If they are not then some may think why it is overlooked. In most of today’s Android phones, nice power graph is shown which is accessible through setting. It helps to identify who are the culprits that draining your battery excessively which will make your remaining battery also too low.

Keep phone cool

It is a common knowledge that letting your phone hot can easily put impact on battery life. If you are going out on a very hot day by walking with phone in your hand, it directly gets exposed to heat. So try to keep your phone in your pocket or bag as possible to keep its battery life.

Reduce screen brightness

It is an obvious thing but worth to mention. The display of Android phones is a common drainer of battery that makes sense to turn down at lowest as possible. It will add more hours of battery life for long time.

  • Every Android phones has got setting auto-brightness that can adjust screen brightness automatically on the basis of room light. This works normally but when tried to squeeze the top time on charging then it is worthy to turn off. Then you will set the brightness manually to low which is comfortable to see this screen still. Repeat it to add more hours to the life of battery on each day.

Reduce Screen timeout

Every android phone automatically dim and turn off its display after the set interval. It is worthy to set the interval very short as possible that can put good impact on your phone’s battery life.

  • In some Samsung phones like Note 2 has got a setting ‘Smart Stay’. It prevents screen to dim and time out if it find user is looking on the screen. A great utility feature is this making it possible to set timeout interval as short as possible. Its screen will not turn off when you are using that phone but it will do so while not using the phone after few seconds.

Use Power save mode

In most phones there is a special mode which can be tied on for stretching to the longest time battery as possible. This power saving mode do this using many techniques like by turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. The mode has got significant impact on performance of phone so have it enable every time. You can turn it on while battery goes very low, you will get a while through the day.

Turn off vibration mode

Some of the folks do not know that keeping phone calls and notifications of vibration drain out phone battery life. It is nice to off ringing and enables vibration on, but if on a stretch long busy day without charging then avoid vibration.

Streamline home screen

Busier your phone home screen, more the battery life going to be sucked. Take out the widgets that are not in use and consider less use of refresh rate. Animation need power ditch live wallpapers of your home screen. If your phone has AMOLED display that seen on high-end Samsung phone then use darker backgrounds for home screen and darker theme generally. Technology attains deep blacks without lighting those pixels, so dark backgrounds will save your power somehow.

Uninstall apps

Get into setting and find all your Apps, anything in list not in use must uninstall. In infinite insight manufactures may block uninstall button of their apps but usually you can disable those instead and worthy doing it for your battery.

Reboot the phone

Android phones are very much similar to bigger computers so they also get lot of stuffs by the time passes.


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