What’s the Best Way to Display a Precious Heirloom Quilt in a Modern Home?

Whether you’ve inherited a beautiful antique quilt from a beloved relative or are a fan of collecting vintage quilts, displaying these works of art can be a challenge in a modern home. But fear not – we’re here to help. This informative guide will walk you through several creative ways to bring the charm of vintage quilts into your contemporary space without sacrificing style.

Transforming a Quilt into an Eye-Catching Wall Hanging

One of the most striking ways you can display an antique quilt is to transform it into a wall hanging. This method allows you to showcase intricate quilting designs and the beautiful hand-stitched fabric pieces that make up the quilt. Quilts are not just objects of warmth; they are a testament to the time, skill, and love put into their creation.

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Firstly, ensure the quilt is clean and in good condition. You may want to consider having it professionally cleaned, particularly if it’s an antique or vintage piece.

Next, you’ll need a hanging rod. This should be longer than the top edge of the quilt. Attach small loops of fabric to the top back of the quilt, ensuring they’re evenly spaced and securely stitched. Slide the rod through the loops and then secure the rod on the wall.

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Using Quilts as a Bed Covering

You might also consider using your quilt in a more traditional way – as a bed covering. This is an excellent method for displaying larger quilts and showcasing their full design. Plus, it adds a cozy and inviting feel to the place where you rest.

However, remember that frequent use can lead to wear and tear. So, if the quilt is an heirloom or particularly fragile, you might want to reserve this option for guest rooms or beds that aren’t frequently used.

To display the quilt on a bed, simply spread it over your duvet or comforter. For an extra touch of style, consider folding the quilt at the foot of the bed, so it acts as a stylish accent piece.

Incorporating Quilts into a Modern Home Decor

If you’re looking to display your quilt in a less conventional way, consider incorporating it into your home decor.

You could drape the quilt over a piece of furniture, such as a couch or armchair. This will not only display the quilt’s beautiful design but also introduce a touch of warmth and coziness to your living room.

Alternatively, you can create a striking focal point by hanging the quilt behind a glass frame. This is an excellent way to protect and display smaller quilts or quilt squares. Simply mount the quilt to a piece of foam board and then place it in a custom-sized frame.

Selling Quilts Online

If you’re interested in selling your quilts, the online marketplace is an excellent place to start. Websites like Etsy and eBay are popular platforms for selling handmade and vintage items, including quilts.

To sell a quilt online, you’ll need to provide clear, high-quality photos of the quilt from various angles. Include a detailed description of the quilt, including information about its age, condition, and the materials used.

One click can bring a customer to your page, but an enticing description will convince them to place an order.

Caring for Your Quilts

Whether you choose to display your quilt on the wall, on a bed, or as part of your home decor, it’s important to take good care of these precious pieces.

Regular cleaning can help maintain the quilt’s appearance and prolong its lifespan. However, do not machine wash antique or delicate quilts. Instead, consider having them professionally cleaned.

It’s also crucial to keep quilts out of direct sunlight, which can cause the fabric to fade. If hanging a quilt on a wall, choose a spot away from windows or other sources of direct light.

Lastly, when storing quilts, roll them instead of folding to prevent creases and fabric damage. Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Every quilt tells a story, so whether you choose to hang it on a wall or display it on your bed, make sure it’s a story well told.

Artistic Displays with Small Quilts

Small quilts, such as the log cabin, lone star, or double wedding ring quilt patterns, can make great accent pieces in your home. With their smaller size and intricate designs, they can fit into many spaces, while still doing justice to the hand quilting that goes into creating these beautiful quilts.

One of the best ways to display a small quilt is as a wall hanging. This not only allows you to appreciate the fine details of the quilt top but transforms the quilt into a piece of art. To create the wall hanging quilt, you’ll need a hanging rod, similar to the process explained in previous paragraphs.

For an even more distinctive display, consider framing a small quilt. This is especially appealing for cabin quilt designs or vibrant wedding ring quilt patterns. Putting the quilt behind a glass frame protects it from dust and damage while giving it the spotlight it deserves.

Alternatively, drape the small quilt over the back of a chair or couch. This simple display method brings an instant touch of coziness to any living room or workspace, and it’s a great way to showcase the quilt’s beautiful designs.

The Perfect Blend of Old and New in Throw Wall Decor

For a unique blend of vintage and modern, consider displaying your heirloom quilts as throw wall decor. It’s a contemporary style that plays up the historical significance of these cherished textiles while preserving their charm and beauty.

Whether it’s a log cabin, a lone star, or a double wedding ring quilt pattern, the quilt wall is a great way to showcase the work that went into hand quilting the piece. You can place the wall hanging quilt in a living room, bedroom, or even a hallway for an unexpected pop of color and pattern.

You should carefully choose your hanging rod, ensuring its length is longer than the top edge of your quilt. The method of attaching the quilt to the rod is the same as the wall hanging.

To make the display more striking, arrange a few smaller quilts around a larger centerpiece. This creates a gallery wall effect that draws the eye and adds depth to the decor.


Displaying heirloom quilts in a modern home can seem like a daunting task, but with a little creativity and care, these precious pieces can bring warmth, charm, and a touch of history to your contemporary space.

Whether you choose to transform your quilt into a wall hanging, use it as a bed cover, incorporate it into your decor, or even consider selling it online, there are many ways to honor the time, skill, and love that went into creating these beautiful pieces.

However, remember that proper care is crucial to maintaining the integrity and beauty of your quilts. From regular cleaning to careful storage, taking good care of your quilts will ensure they continue to tell their unique stories for many years to come.

And finally, regardless of how you choose to display your quilts, remember to enjoy them. After all, every quilt, be it a log cabin quilt, a lone star quilt, or a double wedding ring quilt, holds a story. When you display quilts, you’re not just decorating your home; you’re sharing those stories and keeping the rich traditions of hand quilting alive.